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Application scope of Nail-free Adhesive

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1  Cabinet doors and windows industry
Crystal steel door cupboard adhesive, aluminum edge banding, G-shaped handle, the installation process between the cabinet and the wall bonding, sealing, need water, mold, bacteria, oil resistance, high temperature, acid alkali and other functions, aluminum doors and installation process aluminum alloy frame and the wall of the bonding, positioning, without nailing, directly bonded.

2  Attic stairs industry
Stair handrail bonding position,Slabs and columns and handrails in front tenon positioning bonding,Non-slip stair fixed,the attic keel positioning and the laying of wooded floors, All need the nail free glue's strong adhesive.

3  Indoor and outdoor advertising industry
Crystal, acrylic, gold, foam and other materials advertising, outdoor advertising and the rain proof shed, positioning, advertising cloth seal, use nail free glue can be powerful and fast bonding.

4  Ceramic tile and stone industry
Various art tiles, mosaics, stone-cultural stone and other materials of decorative materials,are required to use the nail free glue, rapid positioning, strong adhesive.

5  Indoor and outdoor background wall industry
Various background material,  background wall plate making materials such as PVC, fiber, glass, leather,etc. The use of nail free glue bonding effect is the best in the installation process, the most convenient to use, consumption of the province, labor and time saving and material saving.

6  Hydropower installation industry
Hydropower installation wiring boards, power outlets, GFCI, collector boxes, electrical boxes, PVC trunking positioning.Use free nail glue can quickly locate a strong adhesive, easy to operate.

7  Bathroom plumbing industry
metal, plastic hook, pendant, tissue box, cup holder and glass mirror's quickly locate bonding of the Restroom, bathroom, sauna room,toilet and the floor quickly positioning  bonding,shower room of the aluminum alloy frame and floor and wall positioning bonding.

8  Ceiling industry
Gypsum board, aluminous gusset plate and keel line,mirror ceilings are all need to use nail glue-free rapid bonding.Note: waterproof gypsum board needs to be done, otherwise the gypsum off.

9  Hardware accessories industry
Hardware accessories in a variety of handles, metal hooks, metal rails, G-shaped handles, etc., with the positioning walls, between stone and glass, please use the free nail adhesive bonding.


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