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High modulus fast curing pu sealant

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*Bond very well with surface of variety material such as all kinds of metal lumber glass polyurethane epoxy resign PU and coating material etc. 
*Also with good cohesive force and durable elastic sealing performance one component adhesive with fabulous thixotropy it’s convenient to apply with rapid curing
*Excellent water weather and aging resistance
*Excellent wear-resisting property high tear strength
*Paintable and polishable
 *Specially used for windshield and side glass 
*Also use for glass steel and plastic accessories (car roof side body and car front)
*For bonding different material which requires high tensile strength and elasticity the bonding can bear high mechanical deformation force

*All data above ware tested under standardized condition.
*All data listed in the chart were for the generalized item in the series; please refer to the 
related datasheet for special items.

*Storage condition has a direct impact to the products' shelf life  Please refer to the instruction for special items' storing.


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