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Scope applications of nail-free adhesive

TIME:2016-01-16  FORM:admin HOT:375

1  Wood, wood line, wood line feet, wood flooring, doors manufacture, doors sets, wooden window cover, wooden furniture, puzzle, dowels, wooden wall panels, wooden wall cabinets, fireproof decorative board, wood processing line, wooden handicrafts, wooden clock, wooden decorative panels suspended ceiling, wooden picture frames, wooden frame board speakers, etc.

2  Gypsum board, quartz plate wall, ceiling, gypsum crafts connections, etc.

3  Metal, aluminum panels, wall hanging directly attached, indoor walls, aluminum, waterproof board, including wood, metal bonding, stainless steel doors, stainless steel doors jacket, steel tile, galvanized watts lap, bonding metal gates, stainless steel door frames, metal embossing plate slip stair copper, copper ornaments adhesive, aluminum extrusions, anti-mosquito doors and windows installation, etc.

4  Glass mirrors, glass, regardless of the individual with a small glass mirror glass mirror installation sizes, the company high-tech formula does not corrode paint, mercury, so the direct bonding glass mirror or glass walls, wood and other porous materials suppliers (not adhesive plastic lenses, because slight corrosion plastic will affect the reflective effect), etc.

5  Plastic, polypropylene, PVC, PE, plastic plate profile products adhesive bonding, wire ducts, bonding position switch, home appliances manufacturing maintenance, PVC flooring, carpets rugs, outdoor advertising industry adhesive, acrylic film, cultural imitation stone adhesive, adhesive plastic toys installation, plastic pumping fan, etc.

6  Ceramic tiles, marble, granite, advanced with flower tiles, ceramic tiles, bathroom walls, ceramic toilet, shower room, pottery, marble dado, paving the door first, the company plaque, quartz and other cultural mushroom, etc.

7  Repair, location, lock replacement, furniture, office furniture, flower gets rickety, fast screw fastening, show exhibits positioning hanging, lighting, sanitary, water tanks, tank repair, repair of automotive air-conditioning noise loose sturdy, rugged tools loose, household loose strong, etc.

No matter where, what occupation,There is Kastar nail-free adhesive.


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