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Do you know the features of ab epoxy?

TIME:2016-01-25  FORM:admin HOT:1459

1 forms. Various resins, curing agents, modifiers system can be adapted to the requirements of almost all kinds of applications made to the form, which can range from very low viscosity to high melting solids.

2, curing and convenient. Use a variety of different curing agents, epoxy resin systems can be cured at a temperature almost 0 ~ 180 ℃ range.

3, strong adhesion. Inherent in the presence of epoxy resin molecular chains and a polar hydroxyl ether bond to a variety of substances with high adhesion. Epoxy curing low shrinkage, internal stress generated, which also helps to improve the adhesion strength.

4, low shrinkage. The reaction of the epoxy resin and the curing agent is used by direct addition reaction epoxy resin molecule or ring-opening polymerization reaction carried out, without water or other volatile byproducts released.

5, Epoxy adhesive, the mechanical properties.

6, the electrical properties. The cured epoxy resin system is a high dielectric properties, resistance to surface leakage resistance, arc excellent insulating material.

7, the chemical stability.


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