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Hot melt adhesive gun 10 using tips

TIME:2015-12-29  FORM:admin HOT:1059

1, when the glue gun in the event of tape back, please stop using it immediately, before use after cleaning professionals to be back in the hot melt adhesives.
2, glue gun without continuous heating over 15 minutes, turn off the power.
3, muzzle blocked due to impurities in a plastic mouth, should be invited to the professionals;
4, leaving the glue gun inverted plastic strips thicker strip lightly this time just one revolution and carefully pulled back a small portion of the thicker portion of the strip off, and then continue to use.
5. Avoid using sol gun in a humid environment, moisture will affect the insulation may cause electric shock.
6, nozzle and melt very high temperature (about 200 degrees) in addition to the handle, but not touch the other parts.
7. Do not pull out the tape from the mouth into the plastic, hot melt can cause severe burns or damage to melt glue gun.
8, may not be disassembled and installation of part of its electric parts, otherwise it will lead to failure.
9. Do not let children touch, and deposited in its place outside contact.
10, in addition to melt, but not for any other purpose.


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